Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Success Draws Nearer

You know, being quadriplegic is a pretty big obstacle to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I'm not one to whine too much, but been quadriplegic plus being loaded down with the flu, an ocular migraine, and hearing that I had a Basel cell carcinoma on my face threw me for a loop last week.

All is good now. I'm over the flu, my ocular migraine is gone and I'm not particularly concerned about the Basel cell carcinoma because after it was removed it looks like there's only healthy skin underneath. And, from everything that people tell me they are common.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people who have been writing to me about this blog. It is a labor of love that I am happy to share with people and for my own selfish reasons it documents everything that has been happening over the last few months.

So, what is happening? A lot! My script for ABC/Disney is coming along very well. In fact, I'm in a sort of limbo, the period of time after submitting my script when I am waiting for notes. During that time I am at a loss of things to do. I don't have any graphic design work to do or anything else productive other than reading about what's going on in the industry ... what sold ... Who's buying what ... what company was just acquired by who. That sort of thing.

In the middle of these doldrums, I got a call from a celebrity who had a comedy series that ran for three years on Fox recently and who is looking to develop a new comedy series, and asked me to get involved. It will be a very cool, very edgy comedy. He asked me to keep the details under my hat for a while, but there will be plenty on here about it soon, probably toward the end of December.

Although I've done almost exclusively dramas throughout my career, I much prefer comedy. My sense of humor is what has gotten me over all of the obstacles that I have surmounted. Anybody who knows me knows that I love intelligent humor and I love to make people laugh. A lot of my humor is edgy and some people (some stuck up, narrow minded simpletons) don't find it funny. In fact they find it tasteless. Personally, I can't spend much time around people with no sense of humor. It's like they have a glaring hole in their personality.

The bottom line is, the possibility of being part of a comedy series is invigorating to me. Let me put that another way. YESSSSSS!

Well, I guess it's about time wrap things up. Be looking for my demo reel on my website. I will have it up there soon. It contains three minutes of some of my best dramatic stuff on television. I would love to get your comments on it.