Monday, February 27, 2006

That's Hollywood

Its all part of the HOLLYWOOD machine. On the one hand there is the capacity to make you a huge mega star, on the other hand there's always a chance that you'll end up on the cutting room floor. Such is the way of my recent work on BOSTON LEGAL. I received word from my manager on Friday that the final editing on the show left its a few minutes too long so my scene was cut.

It's happened to me plenty before, but it was always on shows where I had plenty of other scenes, so if a seene or two of mine were cut for time I was still in plenty of the show to be seen. Not so this time. That is upsetting a couple of levels. First call of all, I told everybody I know that my episode would be on March 7th, now have to go back and tell them again ethanol not on. Intellectually I know my scene was cut for time and not because I did a crappy job and I will probably be called back for more workers playing another character, but I was looking forward to it! Finally, when the show reruns in a few months since my face won't be honest I won't get any residual checks.

As for "Special Unit," we are still waiting to hear from Comedy Central as to whether or not we will be a TV series. Christopher Titus told me recently that they were in the middle of last minute editing, and I should have a copy to look at in a week or so.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Special Unit

A pic from the new Comedy Central laugh-out-loud comedy, "Special Unit". Two bad-asses. Christopher Titus as Detective Garrett Fowler, me as Mick, a former "Dark Ops Special Forces" guy who doesn't care that he's severely disabled, he still thinks he's a commando. Titas plays a detective who pissed off everybody in the department and was put in charge of four disabled people who sued through the ACLU to get on the force. My part is a small in the pilot, but if Comedy Central makes it a series they will bring me in as a writer.

Say a prayer that Comedy Central decides to make it a series. It will be a terrific thing for the disabled community and will enlighten a lot of ablebodied people who fail to see the ability in the disabled community. It would help a lot if you send a letter of support to Comedy Central saying you heard about it and think it would be a great show. In fact, the more ablebodied people who write the better because CC is concerned about selling advertising time on a controversial show and they need to know it will appeal to a wide-spectrum of viewers

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