Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm BackFrom Beyond the Grave

Yes, it's true! I was in the hospital on my way up a tunnel of my memories and that was swirling around me heading toward a light where I could see my dad and my dog who are both deceased. I was actually heading there very happily. Even though I'm quadriplegic, I have had a very blessed life. I've gotten to do more than most able-bodied people do and I have a family and friends who love me. What more could I possibly want out of life?

I was in the hospital for having a blood vessel burst in my brain. Fortunately, there has been very little residual effect, and I was told by my neurologist that the chance of that happening again is about as likely as it happening to anyone else. If you have any personal stories where that is shown to be untrue, please keep them to yourself so I can stay in my blissful ignorance.

Obviously, I didn't cross over though I'm certain I died three times. Every time I was awakened by one of my friend's smiling faces. The final time, I opened my eyes to see Geri Jewell, star of Facts of Life and Deadwood, a longtime best friend. Normally, that would be a wonderful way to wake up, but when you're expecting to see God, it's just not the same. To top it off, she was wearing a Barack Obama hat. Not being a big fan of his, you can imagine how I felt about seeing God, who looks like Geri Jewell, wearing a Barack hat. We both enjoy a good laugh over it, but I was disappointed.

Since then, I have been recovering at home and this is the second day that I am back writing on my computer. I've spent most of the time since I last entered anything in my blog in recovery. Mostly watching Netflix and

Anyway, now that I am back among the living and working on projects I have something positive to talk about. I'm waiting to hear back on several projects that I submitted to various writing contests that, if I win, (when I win), would greatly enhance my career.

I am also working on a project called Inside the G-String, which is a reality series about strippers and what makes them do what they do. I interview several of them and we find out that there are many, many misconceptions.. It has been very interesting so far and I've found out a ton of stuff I never knew. I would share it with you here but I'm saving all the good stuff for my pitches to Hollywood powers that be.

I thought I would include this sample. It is of a stripper named Tiffani I told her to imagine how she feels about what she does rather than putting on her usual smile that makes her lots of money. I would like to get some feedback about how you think she did. She is a sweetheart with a very interesting story that both of us are looking forward to sharing with the world.