Sunday, June 19, 2005

It Frigging Happened!

So it happened! I came home from the store and there was a message from Gloria at the Media Access Office. I return the call, and with a nervous voice, Gloria says, " You won! " " Oh, my God! "
Yes, I won the ABC/Disney scholarship! I'm still floating!
The prestigious scholarship not only validates twenty or more years of struggling to make it again, it gives me the opportunity to get an agent as well as getting recognition from the industry and the ability to get a network pitch meeting (nearly impossible for person in my position as a relatively " new " screenwriter) The scholarship will pay me to complete the script for the pilot episode of a TV series titled " The Outsiders. " in addition, it buys me a computer, and provides funding for me to produce a two-minute commercial for the TV series.
What's the series about?
The Outsiders is about an alien from outer space who crashed on Earth fifteen years ago. He became world-renowned, his face familiar to nearly everyone on earth. His name is Alan Ray and he is green in scaly. His fame granted him money , women, and power. Now that fifteen years have passed since the crash landed here the glamour and interest has worn off. Nobody cares anymore and Alan can't get a job at any thing except a Star Trek convention.
So, he hits the streets of and tries to make it on his own. He doesn't have any particular earth skills so tries for a job at a fast-food joint. The manager is very excited to meet Alan, even gets his autograph, but when Allen asks for a job, the manager turned him down flat saying that nobody would want to buy food from a green scaly guy. Reality hits Alan square in the face.
He tries for a job as a receptionist, but because he has only three fingers and all three have suction cups at the hands, he can't type. On his planet he was considered buff, a strong man, but here on earth he is as weak as a kitten. He can't get a job anywhere.
He's forced into the streets where he meets a variety of society's outsiders; recovering alcoholic/addicts, homeless people, veterans. The one thing all of society's outsiders have in common is that they are accepting and in fact inclusive of each other.
The series follows Alan and a handful of other characters through Allen's journey of discovery.
Anyway, congratulations to me!

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  1. Jim:

    How absolutely wonderful that you won this!!!!

    I don't know too many people in Hollywood who have worked as consistently and hard as you have, nor who have any more talent than you so it's great to hear of news like this.

    The Outsider script sounds terrific.

    I know what you mean about blogs.

    I've read that they are benefical from a business point of view but what I've discovered from creating mine is that it really has been good for me, even if no one else ever reads it. It keeps me on track with my dream journaling, which is an important part of my life.

    If you wanta check out my blog, it isn't about show biz at all but might be an interesting read for a it is

    I'm glad you started a blog. One of the benefits I can see from this is being able to keep up with what's going on, even though we're miles and miles apart.

    Congratulations Jim. Hollywood may be a fickle mistress but she eventually does notice the persistent and talented so hang in there.