Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Not unlike a bear in hibernation, I've spent the last few years asleep in a cave.

Isn't that a wonderful excuse? A shame it has no bearing on the truth. Actually, I've spent the last two years producing my own sitcom pilot, "The Hollywood Quad" guest starring two time Emmy award winner Bryan Cranston, meeting multiple stars like Elton John, and highly placed entertainment executives like Peter Farrelley, working on screenplays, and writing my biography, "Don't Make Me Get Out of This Chair."

I'm back in the blogosphere and over the near future will be updating my blog at least weekly writing about all the cool and not so cool stuff going on with my life.

Since I have the picture here to refer to, meeting Elton was awesome! I was at the back of the Leonard H. Goldenson Theater at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood where Elton was talking about Speckle, a TV series he is producing starring Elvis Costello. After it was over he heard I wanted to meet him but couldn't get down the stairs where was, he hurried up the stairs to meet me. We spoke for a few minutes, during which he listened to me pitch my new sitcom and directed me to follow up with his associate.

When it came time for the picture, my friend Linda couldn't get my camera to work. I was freaking until Elton said "guys" to one of the entourage he came up with and the guy took my camera, fixed it, and took this picture. I was shaking the whole way home.

My beard and long hair are gone BTW. I'm back to my normal look.

Come back soon for more blogs about my exploits in my journey toward success in show biz!


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