Monday, February 27, 2006

That's Hollywood

Its all part of the HOLLYWOOD machine. On the one hand there is the capacity to make you a huge mega star, on the other hand there's always a chance that you'll end up on the cutting room floor. Such is the way of my recent work on BOSTON LEGAL. I received word from my manager on Friday that the final editing on the show left its a few minutes too long so my scene was cut.

It's happened to me plenty before, but it was always on shows where I had plenty of other scenes, so if a seene or two of mine were cut for time I was still in plenty of the show to be seen. Not so this time. That is upsetting a couple of levels. First call of all, I told everybody I know that my episode would be on March 7th, now have to go back and tell them again ethanol not on. Intellectually I know my scene was cut for time and not because I did a crappy job and I will probably be called back for more workers playing another character, but I was looking forward to it! Finally, when the show reruns in a few months since my face won't be honest I won't get any residual checks.

As for "Special Unit," we are still waiting to hear from Comedy Central as to whether or not we will be a TV series. Christopher Titus told me recently that they were in the middle of last minute editing, and I should have a copy to look at in a week or so.

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  1. Sterling Holobyte9:32 PM

    Hi Jim,
    You know, I don't usually watch Boston Legal, but I happened upon it(about halfway through) and then I remembered that this was the episode that you said you were supposed to be in and then your scenes got cut, but I decided to watch the rest of it anyway in case they still had a scene with you in it, even in passing, and I could be wrong, but I think I may actually have seen you. For about a second.
    It was in a scene near the end of the show, in the courtroom just before the lawyer(the other one, not William Shatner) started talking that they showed kind of a diagonal shot of the courtroom and I thought for sure that was you near the back of the room, I think it was the middle of the aisle. Was that you? Like I said, it was only a blip on the screen, but then I was waiting for them to show another shot like that but they never did.
    Oh well. It would have been cool to see you act on tv again. Better luck with your show with Christopher Titus.
    Take Care!