Thursday, February 09, 2006

Special Unit

A pic from the new Comedy Central laugh-out-loud comedy, "Special Unit". Two bad-asses. Christopher Titus as Detective Garrett Fowler, me as Mick, a former "Dark Ops Special Forces" guy who doesn't care that he's severely disabled, he still thinks he's a commando. Titas plays a detective who pissed off everybody in the department and was put in charge of four disabled people who sued through the ACLU to get on the force. My part is a small in the pilot, but if Comedy Central makes it a series they will bring me in as a writer.

Say a prayer that Comedy Central decides to make it a series. It will be a terrific thing for the disabled community and will enlighten a lot of ablebodied people who fail to see the ability in the disabled community. It would help a lot if you send a letter of support to Comedy Central saying you heard about it and think it would be a great show. In fact, the more ablebodied people who write the better because CC is concerned about selling advertising time on a controversial show and they need to know it will appeal to a wide-spectrum of viewers

Comedy Central
1775 Broadway, 10th Fl.
New York, NY 10019


  1. Janelle Middleton8:09 AM

    I e-mailed Comedy Central to find out when "Special Unit" will be coming. Soon, I hope!

    "Scottie" was my favorite character on Highway to Heaven as a child, and I really look forward to seeing you on TV again.

  2. e-mailed 'em. I so want to see this show on TV. As an idea for your character, read a crapload about the psychology of military returning from a war zone. Or go talk to some of the infantry coming back from Iraq - there are good articles about the Bahgdad Bomb Squad out on the internet right now that might be nice light bedtime reading. It would be flippin awesome to see a disabled vet character done well, because the transition to civilian life SUCKS. You definitely need to treat it with a sense of humor, because the reality is so depressing - in a war zone you're so alive, always necessary, every decision is your life and your family's lives. Civilian world, everyone complains all the time about DUMB crap (who cares that you got cut off in the parking lot? Did you do anything interesting, like knife their tires? No? So why are we still on this topic?) and nobody can make a decision to save their lives (we have been discussing what color paper to use for 10 minutes. That's 10 minutes I could have been downloading p0rn or shooting guns... PICK SOMETHING!) etc etc...

    Please please get the details right... if you do you'll have an automatic audience in the Army & Marines (and trust me they're not watching "Over There" over there, unless it's very late, they're very drunk and laughing their behinds off.)